Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Freelancer!

The Freelancer Butch Hamilton!

An interesting occurrence happened just this morning in regards to the designing and implementing of this forum titled The Freelancer!  I was in the process of adding all of the information to the Google Webmaster Tools and I was having some difficulty in getting anything to be indexed on this site.  I kept researching, checking, evaluating and trying to figure out why in the world that this site was not being indexed.  As a matter of fact, I could not even get Google to come and look at the site!  Everything seems in order, the information is all good, original and the work done there is all according to good solid search optimizing techniques.  There was no valid reason for the no-indexing of this site.

The Moment of Truth!

In my research, I came across an interesting article about indexing and found that Google apparently is not indexing any site that is not a direct descendant of the root domain.  In other words, I could have the following domain and be in the clear.  However, I chose to use a sub folder, and this was/is the problem.  The domain for that site is currently  That one little folder was/is making all the difference in the indexing and the traffic coming to the site.

As a resolve, I have added The Freelancer to this forum, and will try to increase the traffic to the site in this way.