Friday, November 3, 2017

Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!

  • Original Keyword Specific Content for Websites
  • Creative Writing for Blogs, Forums, Press Releases, Videos, Podcasts, Images
  • No Topic Is Out of Bounds!
    No Limits to the Amount of Content Needed
    No Contracts Required
  • All Articles Created Will Be Paid for In Advance!
  • Articles May Be Revised Up to Three Times
  • Once Butch Hamilton Submits the Articles on His Own Network, No Refunds Given!

Simply put, Butch Hamilton writes for the search engine spiders of the world wide web like no other working author today.  Since 2004, no one has accomplished on the web, what he has done.  Armed with the most distinctive and far ranging talent of being able to tap into the ebb and flow of information on the web, and instruct the search engine spiders as to the exact location on the Internet is the ultimate secret to his continuing success.

Butch Hamilton is the quintessential example of simplicity.  As a matter of fact, no one views the Internet like he does.  He never complicates, nor over compensates with article spinners, secret software downloads, lead generation systems, and is no longer associated with anyone online.  His tough, persistence and often times devastating experiences with some people on the Internet have taught him very well to steer clear of all who proclaim much, and offer him little in return for his amazing talents on the Internet for spider writing.

Hamilton's intent and purpose on the web, follows his most unique and simple lifestyle.  Simply doing what he says he will do, and always accomplishing what no other can do on the web is precisely the way that he works online, and the way that he lives as well.  A testament to a positive and uplifting lifestyle, that simply grows and blooms, as the years go by.

Butch Hamilton
Writer for Hire!