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How to Purchase Spam!

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Since the beginning of the world wide web, people, organizations, businesses, worthy causes and others have been destined to promote and advertise their most valuable products effectively to readers and users. This process has led to the very specified task of advertising online called SEO, or search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is not a term that is used to describe software, or some secret online program that has been developed by a guru. SEO, the purest form of search engine optimizing has to do with writing a certain type of content, just like the one being read here today, on this brand new and most engaging of websites called WILDCATSEOSERVICE.ORG The beginning of a new era in the already highly successful WILDCATSEOSERVICE.COM, will be yet another valuable asset in the world of online promoting, creative writing, keyword specific manipulation of effective terms that people search for, compelling and attractive website design and the very best press releases to announce to the readers on the web, the best and most efficient ways to be seen on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and the other major search engines.


Since early in 2004, the passion for writing, combined with the unique and innate ability to view very simply, exactly how the search engine spiders operate, The Wildcat SEO Master has been engaging and writing content directly related to search engine optimization services, online advertising, marketing, branding and a host of valuable and insightful topics for readers that have an interest in knowing the real unvarnished truth about marketing and building a system on the Internet that will last far into the future. It is all possible with excellent and straight to the keyword point of writing that The Wildcat SEO Master is known to provide is extremely fortunate search engine optimization clients. There have been many successful online promoting systems that have come to full realization with the mentoring and guidance of The Wildcat SEO Master. There have been successes untold, and money made from the ever present content that still, to this day, remains alive and well on the world wide web.

The never ending flow of creativity, an unbending attitude of work and effort, inspired and visualizations that lead to the proper attitudes about marketing and growing on the web, and other factors lead to the desired keyword terms, visitors to the respective sites, and the always present potential for making money from an online business venture. All of these intriguing and thought provoking topics lead the readers who do find this on Google, to want to know more about the pricing structure charged for the online advertising services.

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Spam Email Sent from Domain and Hosting Purchase [Flickr]

Posted: 27 Oct 2017 06:55 AM PDT

thewildcatseomaster posted a photo:

Spam Email Sent from Domain and Hosting Purchase

Purchasing Domains and Hosting is a Most Effective Way to Buy Spam in 2017 as Well!

For Immediate Release - Wildcat SEO News - Amarillo, Texas - October 26, 2017

Once, purchasing domains and hosting meant accessing valuable tools, resources and systems that could assist a business owner in developing a web presence. The domain name, should be considered as the storefront on Google, and is vitally connected to the effectiveness of the advertising and marketing campaign for the particular business model. In recent times; however, the purchasing of that prized domain and hosting product comes with a built in spam producer, to the tune of massive amounts of both spam emails and phone calls to the purchaser. The major players in domain name registration, such as and fall within this new and most intriguing way to receive spam, that has been seen in recent times.

This comes as a total surprise to this author who has been working online since very early in 2004. After purchasing both domains and hosting, over the years to a huge degree, building websites which eventually become very powerful promoting tools for the businesses being advertised online, is a normal part of the daily routine for a search engine optimizer. In a recent interview, the topic of spam due to purchasing domains and hosting from two major domain registry companies will be addressed in detail. The outcome of this conversation will be both enlightening and disturbing as well.

The Wildcat SEO Master, search engine optimizing since 2004, has been instrumental in giving credibility to the search engine optimization service business. Always following closely the rules of conduct in online marketing, never resorting to spam, or any other type of activity online has been one of the main reasons that his particular brand of online advertising is so specialized. He does not operate online the way that most so called SEO masters attempt to sell online advertising. His specialty is in writing and developing original content, which falls within Google rules for website development and promotion, and adheres closely to moral and ethical values as well. This interview will give much topic of conversation to the new ways of doing business online, and will pertain directly to the purchasing of domains and hosting from and

(Question) When did the problems with spam begin?

(Answer) "A few months ago, I purchased the domain name, WILDCATSEOSERVICE.COM Along with this great domain name, to advertise my own brand of search engine optimization services, I also purchased a hosting plan. This plan and domain were purchased from a site called: I planned to implement a MY BB style forum with this domain, as the forum style sites fit my particular needs very well. The purchase of the domain and hosting went as planned, and I uploaded the first, in a long series of vital elements I needed, in a very seamless way. Everything with the domain and hosting went exactly as planned, and the site was literally live within a few moments. Then, the adding content phase began. This process takes time, energy and most of all visualization about the goals that will be accomplished with the site. The MY BB forum style website is perfect for my particular style of online promoting."

(Question) So the process went well at

(Answer) "Yes, all went very well with the actual hosting procedure, the MYSQL database setup, and the entire process was very good. Within 24 hours; however, I received my first spam email. It was from someone wanting to sell me search engine optimization service! Obviously, the domain name WILDCATSEOSERVICE.COM very aptly described the very thing this so called search engine optimizing company offered! I thought this very strange indeed as my email address never has received one piece of spam in all the time I have been working online.

Within 48 hours, my inbox was literally deluged with spam email, and my phone was literally ringing off the hook! Obviously, my private information had been sold to a list, and these SEO people were fully prepared to spam their unique services to me! I was shocked and amazed at what I saw. I had no idea that, the original domain registry used by would stoop so low as to resort to selling my private information to the spammers of the world wide web!"

That is an incredible true story about actual events that happened to The Wildcat SEO Master from simply going and purchasing domains and hosting from a major player in the domain registry business. It is a sad day indeed, on the world wide web, where nothing is sacred, nothing is safe online, and now, we are subjected to PAYING FOR SPAM when we spend our hard earned money for digital resources.

This valuable and insightful press release will continue as this is only part one of the story. Part two will provide even more valuable information about the selling of your private information online by major domain and hosting services.

The image listed above is only one example of the spam emails received into The Wildcat SEO Master's inbox. It is most important to note that at no time, was there ever any adding of this primary email address into any type of email marketing system. Since working online for a very long period of time, there is no part of the world wide web of deceit that is not know very well to this most distinguished author!

The intriguing part of this so called search engine optimization company, the one listed in the image above, is offering to index WILDCATSEOSERVICE.INFO. Anyone interested in doing this, simply needs to go and index your website to Google yourself! Wonder if this pseudo SEO company even knows about this?

The next press release is scheduled soon, which will lead to even more disturbing insights about this new trend in marketing goods and services online through the purchasing of domains and hosting accounts from major domain registry facilities.


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SEO Service Since the beginning of the world wide web, people, organizations, businesses, worthy causes and others have been destined to promote and advertise their most valuable products...

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